Visual Image and Elegance
Interpersonal and Behavioral Coaching
Image and Professional Well-Being
Why Cyclade ?


Now more than ever image, be it visual, relational or environmental is at the heart of our society and our businesses. In today’s competitive environment it is essential for companies to differentiate themselves.

Thanks to a systemic approach CYCLADE will accompany you in the establishment and evolution of your image strategy by enhancing:

  • the visual elegance of your employees
  • their interpersonal and behavioral communication skills
  • and their Professional well-being

CYCLADE brings together the unique skills of a team of experts in communication, image consultants, stylists and specialists in well-being who unite to bring their complementary services to employees and teams with whom we work.

For over 12 years businesses from Small and Medium Enterprises to Key Accounts have counted on CYCLADE’s innovative “savoir faire.”

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