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Why Cyclade ?


Today presenting a coherent image in accordance with one’s job, milieu and mission is a true skill and a quality image is an assurance of credibility.

Everyone in a company be they executives, managers, sales people, or hospitality staff, has a mission to represent the company to its partners and clients.

The style, appearance, and general air of each employee sends a message that often speaks far louder than words.

In addition if you are concerned with the impact of your own professional image and that of your employees, we can put in place seminars and individual or team coaching sessions to help develop the image of your employees and teams.

We are here to listen to your needs and to consult with you in developing your image strategy and to help you to put that strategy into practice with your employees.

All of CYCLADE ’s programs are led  by  professionally  trained consultants with expertise in communication, image consultancy, fashion, interpersonal skills development and coaching.

All of our services are based on an in-depth evaluation of client needs. Understanding of the company, its clients, its services, and its values is central to and imperative for the creation of a training programs specially adapted to the needs of your organisation.

We are a global organisation that can meet your image training needs for large numbers of employees the world over, even at short notice.

Finally and perhaps most importantly CYCLADE brings a special “French Touch” to help a sense of high quality image in employees and managers, while remaining consistent with the corporate brand and culture of the organizations it works with.

Many companies have already relied on the innovative and expert advice provided by CYCLADE. Contact us now and let us work with you to develop “A STRATEGY FOR YOUR IMAGE”