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Training for professional image seminar

Professional Image defines and generates an overall impression for any organization. Our programme seminar explains the imperative function of Professional Image in business and assists participants in creating and maintaining the best possible Professional Image.
Our Professional Image seminar provides information on internationally accepted guidelines for business dress. The seminar includes topics such as the impact of appearance in business, how to look competent, credible, approachable, and how to build a business wardrobe.

  • Subjects covered in this training seminar include:
  • professional dress code
  • personal style and wardrobe
  • dressing with class and elegance
  • developing positive body language
  • fashion and business style

The Professional Image seminar meets all your Professional Image needs by offering hands-on, individual recommendations for an elegant, and confident business image.


Each training session may include :

  • Image evaluation
  • Creation of guidelines for professional dress within the company
  • Creation of videos and other training tools